Infomation and discount Groundbreaking Amazon Plugin. 100% Handsfree Leads & Sales. Truly passive income system

InstaGenius Review

InstaGenius Review



Quick & Simple Setup


    Easy to use and optimize


      Customer Support - User Tutorial


        100% Handsfree Leads & Sales


          Truly passive income system



            • Easy To Use Admin Dashboard - 100% Newbie Friendly
            • Prewritten, Customisable Email Templates - Choose How Many Followup Emails Are Sent
            • Select Number Of Products Shown In Followups
            • Unsubscribe/Subscribe Function (CAN-SPAM Compliant)
            • Easy Autoresponder Integration, Works With: AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, ConstantContact



              • Homepage: InstaGenius Official Site
              • Basic Name: InstaGenius
              • Type of product: WordPress Plugin
              • Authors: Cindy Donovan
              • Niche: InstaGenius is 100% automated WP Plugin. That enables you to find customers easily, upsell, build the list, close a sale. Thank to it, you can find what your customers really want to buy at the price they are willing to pay for this

              What Is InstaGenius?

              First let's see what she says

              Cindy Donovan

              From: Cindy Donovan
              People interested in cashing in on eCom sales and hands-free affiliate income with Amazon

              Re: New opportunity that discovers your visitors wants and turns them into NEEDS with offers they can't refuse (or ignore).

              I'm pretty sure I don't need to waste time on this page explaining WHY making money as an Amazon affiliate is a good idea  
              (um.. 1.4billion dollars paid out to affiliates in 2016 alone?!?) 

              I'm also kinda certain that I don't need to waste your time discussing why having a mailing list is a good idea too, right? 

              What about being able to build an email list of people who tell you EXACTLY what they want?

              That would be gold, yeah?  

              What if then, you could automate the entire process - including emailing them the moment the product they want goes on sale

              A plugin so powerful that it actually TRACKS the items for them and automatically tells them when it's a good time to buy.  You not only save them money (becoming a pretty awesome sort or hero there), but you get commissions too. 

              Amazon Marketing That Is True WIN! WIN! WIN!

              - Your website visitor gets the product they want at a discount price
              - Amazon makes a bunch of sales they might have lost before 
              - YOU pocket the commissions

              This new WordPress plugin does it all for you, making Amazon commissions for you easier than you ever dreamed possible.

              Tapping into one of the most basic of buyer motivations... Finding that awesome deal!

              Warning! Warning

              If you make a purchase in this preview

              You'll Get Access To This Three Part Suite!

              InstaGenius main WP Plugin
              InstaGenius store builder
              Instagenius content

              1. FOUNDATION: Genius Store Builder Premium WordPress Theme (See near the end of the preview)

              2. AUTO CONTENT: Genius Store Content Plugin (See near the end of the preview)

              3. AUTOMATED LEAD GEN & SALES: InstaGenius Plugin 

              • Unlimited, Multi-Site Licenses (for all 3)
              • Personal Or Client Sites (Developers License
              • + Get FREE Updates for LIFE 
              • Full Automation After Easy Setup
              • 30-Day Hassle Free Guarantee

              Get it now and receive attractive promotions

              Upgrade Pack:

              InstaGenius Main wp plugin

              InstaGenius Main Product

              InstaGenius WP Plugin

              InstaGenius Unlimited & Multisite License Included On Frontend. Prices Ranging from : $19.97 with earlybird up to $37 by the end of launch.  Mail Fast and mail HARD

              InstaGenius Pro WP Plugin

              InstaGenius Pro Upgrade

              The pro version of software unlocks the "InstaStore" function letting them create categories, add your own products and sell anything, from JVZoo to Shopify and deliver automated sales sequences whenever you choose.

              Price: $27

              InstaGenius Bundle WP Plugin

              InstaNiche Bundle

              Our thoroughly researched collection of Amazon niche websites of never-before released, content filled - and continuously article & video generating WordPress niche blogs.

              Price: $47

              InstaLeads wp plugin


              Get access to our Annual Covert Commissions plan - with 20 BONUS marketplace credits - that can be used to unlock done for you managed campaigns & 2 each month for 1 year.  If they cancel after 1 year they get to keep and use everything they own. 

              Price: $97

              How does it work?

              How does InstaGenius work

              Step 1: Install and activate the WordPress Plugin

              Step 2: Connect Your Amazon Account & Autoresponder

              Step 3: Choose Attention Image & Where You Want It To Show

              That's All You Need To Do, EVER!

              • Your Logo: Put your own logo here
              • Azon Regions: Connect multiple Amazon accounts 
                to automatically offer a more tailored experience (optional)
              • Buyer Advice: Increased urgency & stickability
              • Azon Search: Searches happen in real time with
                prices and details pulled from Amazon
              • 90 Day Cookie: Clicking 'Add to Cart' takes 
                user to Amazon add dropping your affiliate cookie
              • Suggestions: Displays most recent searches your visitors 
                have done on your site, for easier niche targeting
              • Load More: Pulls in even more Amazon products with your
                affiliate ID for their targeted search term
               InstaGenius preview

              Every search your website visitors make on this popup will display targeted Amazon products with YOUR affiliate ID added in, so every click can make you money, as your OWN visitors create their own ads right before their eyes. 

              When they click on "Add To Cart' you'll be cookied for ALL Amazon sales from that customer in the next 90 days.

              As you can see, the buyer advice can nudge them closer to a buying decision too, which I'm sure you'll understand is pretty powerful. 

              So where is all the hype then?  There have been plugins that add targeted Amazon products to your site before... 

              How is this different from them? 

              Well, wait til you see what that innocent looking 'Add To Bargain Watch List" can do for you..

              InstaGenius Demo

              InstaGenius Is Your Ultimate One-Click, 100% Automated


              InstaGenius main WP Plugin

              This Genius WordPress Plugin Comes With:  

              • Easy To Use Admin Dashboard
              • Quick & Simple Setup
              • 100% Newbie Friendly 
              • Prewritten, Customisable Email Templates
              • Choose How Many Followup Emails Are Sent
              • Select Number Of Products Shown In Followups
              • Unsubscribe/Subscribe Function (CAN-SPAM Compliant)
              • Shortcodes In Emails For More Flexibility
              • Easy Autoresponder Integration, Works With: 
              • AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, ConstantContact
              • Complete Automation After 5min Setup

              Get it now and receive attractive promotions

              When You Buy Today You'll Get The Whole eCom/Azon Income Bundle!

              Fast Action Bonus #1:

               InstaGenius Store builder

              Previously known as 'Covert Store Builder' this premium WordPress theme has been purchased by over 10,000 customers - and is highly regarded as one of the EASIEST ways to get your own Amazon store FULL of affiliate products.

              We've repackaged it and updated it - now releasing under my own company brand 'Wildfire Concepts' - Genius Store Builder - with several new features, easier setup wizard and more stunning highly converting websites than ever before, on the horizon. 

              This still regularly sells for $47 (it is an AMAZING theme!) 

              Today it's included in your purchase at no extra cost.  Here's just some of what it does: 

              - Fully Populated Store Up In Minutes
              - Self Optimizing Product Listings
              - Social Integration (FB, Twitter, G+ & More)
              - Works In Any Niche
              - Autoresponder Integration (Capture Leads)
              - 8 Widget Ready Areas
              - Facebook Comments Integration
              - Customise The Design With 1 Click
              - Inbuilt, 1-Click Design Templates
              - Easy Product Import From Amazon
              - Import From Ebay & Commission Junction
              - Works In Any Niche
              - Users Can Become Members
              - Members Can Create/Share Wishlists

              Fast Action Bonus #2:

               InstaGenius Store content

              The Genius Store Content WordPress plugin is your key to automated product listings from Amazon, Ebay and Commissions Junction

              This is true 'set and forget' income. 

              You simply install the plugin, add your affiliate details, choose the keywords you want it to search and post for you, how often you want it to find new products to post (with your affiliate links!) and let it run.

              Social share module also included.  We've automated product posting, if you like you can also share it on your Facebook page, or Twitter account when it posts a new item!

              Every part of this Genius bundle (the theme and two plugins) comes with an intuitive dashboard, easy to follow instructions and lifetime support included in today's low investment.

              A fresh supply of updating products, on a professional store theme and an endless supply of high converting emails selling automatically selling to your audience?  This is GOLD!!! 

              And It's All Backed By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

              We're so sure you'll LOVE this three part software bundle that I'll put my money where my mouth is - offering a full guarantee if you try it out and find out it's not for you.  There's absolutely zero risk and a whole lot of opportunity waiting to be grabbed! 

              instagenius 30 days money back guarantee

              But... You've Gotta Act Quick While Launch Pricing Is Available!

              Get It Now! Price Rise In:

              0 day 0 hour 0 minute 0 second


              Now is your chance to make completely handsfree income with Amazon AND build your list at the same time. 

              There couldn't be a better time to dust off that old domain name and get it working for you - or turn an already profit pulling niche into an Amazon income and list building goldmine.

              We'll be there to help you get started and celebrate with you as you see your success!

              Click the button above and I'll you'll get instant access, whatever time of day/night - you can have this on your blog working for you in moments from now.  So get to it, time is ticking!  I'll see you on the downloads page. 


              Q: How 'Newbie Friendly' Is It, Really...?
              A: OK, cards on the table here - if you struggle to turn your computer on... you might want to close the page - but, if you can follow basic instructions (we've got training in video, pdf and access to our friendly support team too), then you will have no problems using our system. 

              Q: What Are Developers Rights? 
              A: As you can see, you can build these sustainable businesses quickly & easily, once you've done a couple of them you'll be able to create these income streams FAST - so we want you to profit faster still - by giving you the license to SELL websites you create using our theme and plugins.  Build one for no more than the cost of a domain - and sell them for $100's or - for more established ones, even $1,000's! 

              Q: Are There Any Monthly Fees?
              A: No, there are no subscription costs - just a low, once-off fee.  All of the programs, like Amazon, Ebay and Commission Junction are also free to join.

              Q: Is This Mobile Responsive?
              A: Yes, when you visitors arrive while using a mobile device they'll be able to do everything that you can - from their mobile phone. Tap your call to action button, search for items, subscribe and buy more from you!

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