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1) Fill in the use document in time following running the glove box, like "user, water oxygen benefit, what to do"

2) When replacing gas cylinders in the glove box, the strain is established to the default worth ± 3mbar

3) The everyday performing strain is set in accordance to the working comfort and ease. When not in use for a prolonged time, the tension is established to 1-6mbar

4) Regularly verify the use of the gloves, verify the oil stage of the vacuum pump (involving the upstream and downstream markings), and add the pump oil correctly

5) Clean up the water probe once each individual two to three months to make sure accurate detection. (Also will need to refer to the true situation of the natural environment in diverse user bins

6) If you usually use organic solvents in the glove box, it is advised that you on a regular basis substitute the natural solvent adsorbent material, not afterwards than 1 year at the most recent

seven) Switch the filter aspect frequently, no later on than two a long time

8) According to the genuine use of your glove box, decide to change the vacuum pump oil cycle, these as black and yellow pump oil, water or additional natural solvents in the pump oil. The oil replacement cycle must not exceed 2 a long time at the latest

9) If a large amount of organic solvent is inevitably uncovered in the course of the experiment, the cycle requirements to be stopped for innovative technology glovebox the experiment. Right after the experiment, to start with clean and then start off the cycle

ten) When the natural environment in the box is toxic or damaging fuel, the exhaust port of the vacuum pump, the exhaust port of the regeneration fuel and the exhaust port of the cleaning valve really should be fatigued to the outside with an exhaust pipe (when exhaust is not authorized to be outside, the exhaust gasoline treatment will have to be done 1st).

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