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The discovery of two new cases of coronavirus, emerging in the state of New Jersey, USA

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Authorities in the state of New Jersey, America, announced today, Sunday, that two new cases of the newly created Corona virus (Covid-19) were discovered inside the state, and the CNN news network reported that the number of people infected with the virus in New Jersey rose after discovering the two cases to 6 people.

The American Network indicated that the health authorities in New Jersey confirmed that the tests conducted on 31 people suspected of being infected with Coronavirus were negative, with 27 other people currently undergoing intensive tests.

America recorded the highest death rate in the world due to the spread of the new “Corona” virus, compared to the number of victims in other countries. The Business Insider newspaper reported that 5.7% of those infected with “Corona” virus in America have died so far.

This rate is greater than the World Health Organization’s estimated rate of 3.4% and the death rate of China, which reached 3.8%, and the US authorities link the high death rate to the lack of access to tests when the virus is spreading in the country.

According to the newspaper, large-scale “Corona” tests have not been conducted in America in recent weeks, given that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has set strict standards in front of laboratories and health centers eligible to do this task.

If people with “mild symptoms” are tested, observers say, the death rate will likely decrease.

Although the disease has spread across the country in recent weeks, the death rate is not constant and is very likely to continue to change. According to recent data, more than 400 people have contracted the virus in 30 US states and 19 people have died.

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