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Corona may lead you to jail … Imprisonment The penalty for promoting rumors on social media

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During the recent period, Egypt suffers from the spread of many rumors targeting the feelings of the Egyptians and the overthrow of the Egyptian state, in addition to intimidating the Egyptians and spreading terror in themselves, especially since some of the malicious do not miss an opportunity to distort the image of the state and spread terror in the hearts of citizens until they take advantage of any global event, Or local to spread their toxins through social media or social media, especially Facebook, Twitter and others.

It seems that the boredom found their misfortune in the Corona epidemic spread across the globe and started spreading rumors that amplified the event and suggest to the Egyptians and the side that the risk is not limited by contradiction to the truth.

These objectors aimed at tarnishing the image of the state and showing officials as if they were falling short of the facts and reality, where the state is working with all its energy to detect the disease and deal with it in a superior way.


And in the following lines it clarifies
“The seventh day” is the punishment for promoting rumors on the various “social media” websites.
Khaled Mohamed, a cassation lawyer, says that the rumors would destroy an entire country, explaining that “Facebook” is one of the most popular platforms for spreading rumors in Egypt.

The lawyer pointed out that the current law punishes the promoter of rumors with a fine of a maximum of 200,000 pounds, and imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years, and the House of Representatives demanded that the punishment be increased for rumors on social media and websites to reach prison for more than 10 years instead of three Years.

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