Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

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Details of the first German death in “Corona” in Egypt .. Refusal to hospitalization

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The statement of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population revealed, today, Sunday, the details of the death of the first case of a German citizen from the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), where the Ministry addressed the health regulations in Germany to investigate the situation and provide it with information, pointing out that the case did not remain in Egypt except Only 7 days.

The Ministry of Health and Population pointed out that the German citizen at the age of 60 showed satisfactory symptoms represented by a high temperature when he arrived from Luxor Governorate to Hurghada, where he went to Hurghada General Hospital on the evening of his arrival Friday 6 March to receive medical care. The necessary tests for him and the withdrawal of the sample, which were positive for the new corona virus on Saturday, March 7, and was placed in intensive care because he suffers from respiratory failure caused by acute pneumonia, refused to transfer to the designated isolation hospital, then his condition worsened and a disturbance in his degree of consciousness died, and he died Today is Sunday 8 March.

She noted that immediately, according to the World Health Organization guidelines, the Ministry took all necessary precautions, and the hospital was sterilized and disinfected.

The Ministry of Health said that the minister confirmed that the state has put in place a strict preventive plan that is applied in all ports and airports, since the World Health Organization announced the emergence of the new Corona virus in January, noting that the plan starts from inside the plane where the health monitoring card is distributed to travelers, The passenger fills the card while on board the plane, upon arrival it is examined, and its temperature is measured with “infrared” devices, and when it is discovered that any of the passengers suffer from a high temperature, it is isolated at the airport quarantine and checked and then transferred to the fever hospital to withdraw the sample PCR analysis, Corona virus The newer, whose result appears after 6 hours have passed, and in the case of a positive analysis, the case is isolated immediately in the designated isolation hospital and transported by self-sterilizing ambulances.

He added that the Minister of Health and Population confirmed that there is full coordination with the ministries of tourism and civil aviation in applying all preventive and precautionary measures to confront the new Corona virus, stressing that the ministry is monitoring around the clock all the ports, airports and governorates, and once suspicion of any case will be announced in full transparency in coordination with the organization Global health.

The compulsory medical examination is carried out on all passengers coming to Egypt from the countries where the virus has spread through the quarantine offices of the Ministry of Health located in the Egyptian airports and equipped with all the preparations and medical requirements for the medical examination. This is in addition to requiring all employees of all airports and on board aircraft to implement quarantine instructions and take the highest preventive standards in dealing with passengers. Occupational Safety and Health departments follow up the precautionary measures applied in all airport lounges to ensure the highest levels of preventive health safety standards are achieved.

The medical examination is carried out on the flying knees, and the disinfection and sterilization of all planes and various means of transportation operating in airports in accordance with the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and the instructions of the World Health Organization.

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