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12 cases of corona recovered and 43 infected receiving treatment

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The Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that the total number of cases discovered to carry the new Corona virus has reached 55 cases so far, 12 of them are Egyptians and foreigners, 12 of them have recovered so far, and 43 other cases are still in the isolation hospital in Al-Nujaila in Matrouh Governorate. The Ministry of Health said that yesterday 7 cases were discovered, including 4 foreigners And 3 Egyptians.

The Ministry of Health and Population has announced the death of the first case of a German citizen from the newly created corona virus (Covid 19) and said that the German citizen is 60 years old, and he showed satisfactory symptoms of high temperature when he arrived from Luxor to Hurghada, where he went To the Hurghada General Hospital on the evening of his arrival Friday, March 6, to receive medical care, the necessary tests were taken and the sample was taken, which came positive for the new corona virus on Saturday, March 7, and was placed in intensive care because he suffers from respiratory failure caused by acute pneumonia, He refused to transfer to Al-Ezz Hospital Allocated, then his condition worsened and the disorder occurred in the degree of consciousness, and died yesterday Sunday, March 8th.

The Ministry of Health continued: Immediately, the Ministry of Health and Population, in accordance with the instructions of the World Health Organization, took all necessary preventive measures, as the hospital was sterilized and disinfected, and health regulations were addressed in Germany to investigate the situation and provide us with information, pointing out that the case did not stay in Egypt for only 7 days.

45 positive cases of corona virus were detected on the Nile cruise ship coming from Aswan to Luxor without any symptoms, where positive cases were transferred to the hospital designated for isolation, and cases that turned negative were transferred to quarantine, and the ship was disinfected and sterilized Indigo.

She followed the case of the Canadian expert, which was announced on the first of this month, and was immediately isolated in the isolation hospital designated for that, confirming that he is receiving medical care, and his condition is stable and constantly improving, pointing to the continued application of quarantine procedures to all workers at his workplace and their assisting agencies And who numbered 2564 people as a precautionary measure, explaining that no cases were suspected of infection with the new Corona virus, and all precautionary measures were taken against them.

She stated that the third case that was discovered and announced last Thursday, for a 44-year-old Egyptian citizen returning from Serbia through France (transit) for 12 hours, and laboratory analyzes were carried out for him which had positive results for the virus, pointing out that it was transferred to Hospital for isolation, and his condition improved slightly.

It is noteworthy that a unit has been established to investigate all direct and indirect contacts with cases that prove positive for the virus, in the context of tightening precautionary and preventive measures, and directed the Minister of Health to raise the maximum degree of readiness in fever hospitals, and called on citizens to go to fever hospitals when feeling any rise in temperature To do the necessary analyzes.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Hala Zayed, reiterated that no new infected or suspected cases of infection with the Corona virus would be detected in all governorates of the Republic except for what has been announced.

The Ministry of Health and Population continues to raise its preparedness in all ports of the country (air, land, and sea), follow the situation first-hand regarding the “Corona emerging” virus, and take all necessary precautions against any viruses or infectious diseases.

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